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Fitness Instructors

GINA COSTANZO- Yoga, Group Fitness Manager

Gina originally began practicing yoga in 2011 as a gym employee who was just looking for a way to utilize her free membership. She didn’t realize at the time how much the practice would end up changing her life and couldn’t be more grateful that it did. After noticing the effects that yoga had on her own life, she felt that she had to share this practice with others. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in June 2014 at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and now seeks to share the gift of yoga with as many people as she can reach. Her classes are made accessible to a variety of levels because both modifications and advanced variations are always offered to provide all of her students with the experience they need in that moment. She wants everyone to feel comfortable in her classes, whether they are just starting out or they are long time yoga practitioners. Her classes are designed with creative sequencing to provide a fun and challenging experience for both your body and mind and will always conclude with a deep relaxation. Her classes will help you begin to learn to take your yoga practice off your mat and back into your life. She is so excited to be able to share yoga with TCNJ students again this year!



Alexa is a Junior Biology major and Psychology minor with a fifteen year background in competitive dance. After a year as a member of the TCNJ dance team she decided to take her love of dance and translate it into group fitness classes! Her love of high energy movements will be evident in her Zumba classes, as well as her love of technique and toning in her Barre classes. She is very excited to teach this upcoming fall!


Allie is a sophomore Public Health major who began her yoga journey in 2015. Initially, she was interested in yoga solely to get a workout and build strength. After deepening her practice, Allie realized that yoga not only was physically strengthening, but mentally strengthening, calming, and balancing. She decided that she had to share the gift of yoga with others and completed her yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in June 2017. Allie firmly believes that yoga practice is a life practice and hopes that her students will use yoga to live their fullest lives. She hopes that through yoga her students will create space in places they were once stuck to make room for peace, acceptance, and growth. Yoga is for every BODY, and so is Allie’s class! Beginners and seasoned yogis are all welcome and variations will be offered to suit all needs. Allie encourages the practice of compassion and kindness in her classes towards oneself and others. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat!


Corinne is a junior Special Education and English major, and she is super excited to be teaching classes this semester. Although for the majority of her life she has shied away from most sports and athletic activities, Corinne was a recreational figure skater before she discovered her love of fitness when she began taking classes at TCNJ. Once she made exercise a habit, she found that it was not only a lot of fun, but a terrific way of dealing with stress. Corinne believes that fitness is for everyone, and that no matter your level, it’s about having a healthy body as well as a healthy mindset. With the goal of creating diverse, engaging classes, Corinne hopes that everyone feels comfortable, encouraged, and can reach new levels of self-confidence and health.


As a competitive gymnast her whole life, it’s no surprise that Elena loves to move. Fitness has always been Elena’s passion since she could remember. Fittingly, she is a Health and Exercise Science major at TCNJ. She loves intensity and pushing beyond limits because of how it applies to other aspects of life. Even if you cannot perform the high intensity moves, there are different modifications so everyone can go at their own pace. If you can push through her insane workout, you can truly do anything you put your mind to! Join her for an hour of squats, push-ups, planks, and most of all SWEAT!




Hi, my name is Grace Nielsen. I’m currently a senior nursing major and I’m looking forward to start teaching cycling classes here on campus! I originally came to school freshman year running cross country/track but soon after stopped once I realized how much time my nursing classes required. In addition to running I played many sports growing up- specially soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I miss these contact sports & feeling involved. I still run almost every day, however now I have time for other things -like cycling! Teaching is a great way for me to stay involved in the campus community. I live on the beach in NJ so all summer I consider that my “gym”. Coming to TCNJ was great to discover other ways to stay fit. Aside from being a fitness instructor I’m an emergency department technician at my local hospital, a community adviser (CA) in New Res Hall, a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA), part of Catholic Campus Ministries, & Student Nurses Association. Come check out my class for a fun filled workout!


Hannah is a sophomore secondary education and math major, and is super excited to be teaching cycling classes!  During her freshman year of college, she realized that she was no longer able to play competitive sports like she did in high school. Missing the joy and satisfaction she received from physical activity, she decided to utilize the group fitness classes that TCNJ had to offer. She quickly fell in love with these classes and made it her personal goal to become an instructor.  Working out has become a hobby of hers not only because she finds it fun, but because it makes her feel great and is the perfect stress reliever! Hannah is looking forward to bringing that fun and healthy mindset to every cycling class, and is excited for all the great workouts ahead! Aside from being a cycling instructor, she also plays club tennis, intramural volleyball, and is a sister of Alpha Xi Delta.


Julianne will be teaching tabata classes at TCNJ and is excited to use the group atmosphere to create a positive, supportive community to help everyone reach their fitness goals and have some fun. Julianne is a senior mechanical engineering major at TCNJ, but when she’s not studying loves to go hiking and surfing.

Julianne grew up playing a variety of sports before finally settling into volleyball. Volleyball first introduced Julianne to the world of high intensity interval training and plyometrics; since then, she’s been hooked. She believes that these workouts push your limits, but leave you feeling energized, motivated, accomplished, and not to mention super strong. Julianne’s goal is to inspire as many people to foster that same love for fitness she has; she wants people to realize how important it is to take care of their bodies, and to be able to experience all the adventures life has to offer without anything holding them back.

JUSTINE WILSON – Barre, Toning & Conditioning, Zumba

Justine Wilson is a dancer turned fitness instructor. She has danced for WTHS Dance Company and then taught dance at NJCPAF and YMCA Camp Mason. Justine is AFAA group fitness instructor certified, Zumba certified and CPR/AED certified. She is currently a sophomore at TCNJ. She’s excited to teach Zumba, toning & conditioning, and barre at TCNJ this fall!

LIZ KELLY – Bootcamp

From playing four varsity sports in high school, Liz fell in love with fitness. She incorporates her sports background in her workouts through functional movement and a mix of strength and conditioning. Liz is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor. Her Bootcamp classes include high intensity interval training and full body conditioning so you can build lean muscle, feel strong, and look fit. Outside of group fitness, Liz works at the Fitness Center, plays for TCNJ’s club volleyball team, is a member of Delta Sigma Pi, and is Vice President of the Women in Business club. She believes in living a healthy lifestyle; physically, mentally, and spiritually. She also loves to talk, so if you see her in campus, say hi!


Maria is a sophomore who is currently studying public health. She has had intensive training in karate and has just recently earned her black belt. She loves exercise and fitness and found solace in taking the group fitness classes at TCNJ as a freshman. Attending group fitness classes such as total body sculpt, yoga and especially kickboxing inspired her to become a group fitness instructor herself. She is CPR/First Aid/AED and AFAA certified and is looking forward to teaching kickboxing this fall.​


Melanie is a senior Special Education/Psychology major.  She has always loved playing sports and staying active which led her to trying many different types of fitness classes. After she took her first spin class, she was hooked. She loves cycling because it is a great way to stay active, relieve stress, and have fun! She received her cycling instructor certification through the American Aerobics Association International (AAAI) so she could share her love of spin with others. She encourages everyone to try out a spin class because they allow participants of all fitness levels to ride at their own pace and challenge themselves. She can’t wait to share her excitement for cycling with other TCNJ students this year!

SHANNON DEADY – Barre & Barre Platform

Shannon is a Junior Journalism and Professional Writing maj​or with a minor in Spanish and Pre-Law concentration hoping to continue her studies at law school after TCNJ. Shannon has always had a passion for fitness and found her niche in dance at the young age of 4. In high school she discovered a way to combine her love of fitness with her love of dance when she enrolled in her very first Barre class. Barre combined the precision and small movements of her favorite genre of dance, ballet, with a workout that left her feeling more toned than any gym workout ever could-and the best part is she forgot she was even working out she had so much fun doing it! Shannon says she hopes to help students in her classes to find the same confidence in their body that barre helped her to in hers, and not to worry if you have no prior dance experience, anyone can be a barre expert with practice!


TAYLOR COYLE- Cardio Sculpt

Taylor is a sophomore majoring in Special Education and English. Her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle started early on in her life and grew into something that is a big part of her life. She started off solely as a runner and about halfway through high school her interest in group fitness was sparked by her mom, who is also group fitness instructor and encouraged her to try out classes. Group fitness is a great way to stay motivated and be pushed by others to move past your comfort zone reaching goals along the way. Helping people to reach their goals by getting stronger both mentally and physically while also getting in a good sweat sesh is the ultimate goal of group fitness for Taylor


Emma was initially drawn to yoga in 2013, as an exercise class that drew upon her flexibility and strength she gained from 10 years of ballet training. Over the years, she has found yoga to be much more than a physical practice and has loved exploring the spiritual, ethical and healing sides of yoga. Emma completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Prancing Peacock Yoga Studio in Yardley, PA in the fall of 2017. She strives to help everybody feel comfortable and welcomed on the mat. She creates a space for students to relax, reframe, and recharge amidst their busy college lives. Most of all, Emma loves to play on her mat and share her compassion with others.