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The Department of Recreation and Wellness at the College of New Jersey supports the college's mission by enhancing lifelong learning through outstanding recreational services, programs, and facilities that promote the well-being of the body, mind and spirit of the campus community.

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vegetables in a linen bag | how to reduce food waste at home
11 creative ways to use up leftovers and reduce your food waste

When your budget is tight, every wasted serving of leftovers and spoiled batch of produce matters—here’s how to prevent food waste.

Posted on May 05 2021
happy gay male couple | how to communicate during sex
How to communicate your desires in hookups, relationships, and everything in between

Expressing your desires in a hookup or with your S.O. can feel awkward if you're not used to communicating what you want. Use these in-the-moment prompts to ensure everyone’s having a good time.

Posted on May 05 2021
yellow foam roller | foam rolling muscles
FitnessU: How to use a foam roller for mobility and muscle recovery

Foam rolling can help relieve soreness and improve muscle recovery. Use these techniques before and after workouts, or on an active rest day.

Posted on May 05 2021

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