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Thrive During Finals


New for Fall 2022!

  • Final’s Week Tabling with freebies & snacks, to help increase your success in academics and well-being!
    • items like GoGosqueez, pop-its, colored highlighters, & post-its!

Be Well During Finals! Handout


  • Need suggestions on environmental strategies and techniques for sleep, rest, and studying? Review the presentation & PowerPoint below to learn about proper ergonomics in desk set-up, strategies to enable active rest-breaks during studying, as well as techniques to promote proper sleep hygiene.
  • Need a quick rest sesh? Engage in a 10 minute “Mindful Mini Break” session: read the pdfs below for mindful break suggestions, or listen and watch MMbreaks videos on instagram

Winter Finals Week materials – to review again:

Video Presentation: Preparing for Finals

Prepare for Finals PowerPoint

Mindful Mini Breaks: Activities and Links

Mindful Mini Breaks: Stretching