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Passport to Play: Spring 2023 Well-being Initiative

Come explore the culture of other countries through fun activities! This semester’s recreational well-being program focuses on participating in cultural play or leisure activities from all continents across the globe.


1. How does this enable personal well-being?

  • increase cultural awareness
  • develop new activity skill-sets
  • participate for stress relief
  • develop social connections through group activities
  • create through spontaneous activities outside of your norm

Student groups or facilitators will also provide education related to meaning behind the valued cultural activity!

1. How do we keep track of student attendance?

  • Punch card
  • Passport with stamps

2. In the end, you will need to hand in your passport & punch card for a grand prize drawing of a Travel Essentials Kit! 🙂

  • Two other prizes of lesser monetary value will be drawn for a greater chance of winning a prize related to travel!

3. Event dates and times are listed in the above image

4. Event location: Wellness Suite in the Student Recreation Center