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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions
Please Note:
  • There are general descriptions of the classes we offer. For information about an instructor’s teaching style, see our instructor bios.
  • Each class is provided with the necessary equipment to complete the workout, however you are welcome to bring your own.


Instructors: Hannah, Nina
A high-energetic workout, our cycling classes will teach you about pace, cadence, and resistance. Catered to all levels, this class involves the use of cycling machines to tone and build muscle in your legs, arms, obliques, chest, and booty, all the while giving you a cardio burst. Set to the tune of funky and popular songs, cycling will have you rocking and bopping from the start!


Instructors: Julia
Zenergy is a dynamic, high energy workout that uses Latin rhythms and dance-based movements designed to provide an invigorating total body workout. This class will focus on cardio, muscle conditioning/toning, balance & flexibility, as well as core-strength development. Don’t worry, no prior dance experience is required to join the fun! This class is open to all levels and it is a great way to get in shape while enjoying your workout experience! So what are you waiting for? Let’s Zenergy!


Instructor: Maria
Kickboxing is a high energy, cardio-based blend of kicks and punches with no bag, no gloves, and no ring. With cardio bursts and light hand weights to sculpt and shape your muscles, it is a perfect combination of kickboxing, cardio, and toning. This one-of-a-kind class will push your kickboxing skills to the limit while giving you a total body workout. No experience necessary- this class is easy to modify and you can catch on in no time.


Instructors: Ellen, LeeAnn, Anna

An all-levels yoga class that is appropriate for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced student. Classes will start out with centering to help clear your mind, then move into a flow that will stretch and strengthen your body, and will end with a relaxing savasana. All poses can be modified so everyone can comfortably challenge themselves and feel supported, so there’s no reason to be afraid to try it out! 


Instructors: Carly
Body Sculpt is a circuit training class that focuses on using weights and bodyweight to build strength and to tone muscles for an overall healthier body. Cardio movements to get the heart rate up are also occasionally included. Movements can easily be modified, and participants of all fitness levels are welcome!


Instructors: Lauren

Sick of doing the same boring crunches and squats? Come to abs and booty for an awesome lower body and core workout! Every class is FUN. The workouts consist of strength sections to grow, and cardio to sculpt. The workouts are HIIT style- High Intensity Interval Training, and always include regressions and progressions.  Every class is motivating and welcoming to every fitness level.


Instructors: Lauren
We are going to hit every muscle group in this class. The goal is for you to leave fitter than you walked in, through strength, cardio, and mobility. HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training is effective because you can adjust these workouts to your own goals. If you want to focus on strength, then lower the reps and increase the weight/tension. If you want to focus on cardio, then choose lighter weights, go faster, and get more reps in. Come get whole body fit!


Instructors: Anna
This hybrid class incorporates the physical practices of yoga with the stillness practices of different meditation traditions.  The first 30 minutes of class will be a mindful movement yoga flow.  This will help to ground and center students in their bodies and help them to work through energetic and tension-based blockages.  The following 30 minutes of class will support students in meditation exploration.  Each class will be a different style of guided meditation, based on the objectives of the students that day.


Instructors: Casey
Spinning is a high-energetic workout that mimics bike riding with all the comfort of being indoors. Our spin classes will teach you about pace, cadence, and resistance. Classes are catered to all levels and involve the use of spinning machines to tone and build muscle in your legs, arms, obliques, chest, and booty. Best of all, spin gives you a cardio burst set to the tune of fun music and themed rides with playlists that classes can contribute towards!! Spin classes are a great way to get you in shape while having a blast.