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Fitness Instructors

LAUREN WEISS (Manager) – Whole Body HIIT, Abs and Booty

Lauren is a sophomore Marketing major and excited to begin her first year as a group fitness instructor! As an athlete for most of her life, Lauren has always found happiness in working out and staying fit. It wasn’t until she began attending group fitness classes her freshman year, however, that she decided to broaden her passion for fitness by sharing it with others! In creating a comfortable and motivating environment for her participants, Lauren aims to use her classes to show people the emotional and physical benefits of pursuing a healthy lifestyle in fitness. Outside of teaching, Lauren is a sister of Sigma Kappa and a member of the Women’s Club Lacrosse team. If you see her around campus, don’t be afraid to say hi!


JULIA YOON – Zenergy

Julia is a junior Nursing major, who loves to dance and is always open to a fun workout experience! In addition to her passion for dance and exercise, she is also part of the women’s tennis team. Health and fitness has always been a major part of her life growing up as a student-athlete and it has helped her stay physically fit and active. She was inspired to become a group fitness instructor after attending various classes at TCNJ and her local gym. Through her love for dance and fitness, she was able to discover a class that combined the two elements together which sparked her interest to teach a dance-based cardio fitness class, Zenergy! As an instructor, she hopes to provide a fun and stress-free workout environment that everyone can enjoy anywhere!


Casey is a sophomore Communications major and is looking forward to using her passion for music and exercise to teach spin here at TCNJ. Running, spinning and overall fitness is something that always gave Casey a routine that made her feel productive and spinning is a fun and easy way to incorporate movement and structure to your day! Casey began taking spin classes when she was 17 and recently got certified to teach this past fall. While track and cross country were her main sports in high school, she grew to love spinning and can’t wait to share that love with her classes.


JULIA GOLDOVSKI – bio coming soon.