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Fitness Center Triathlon


The Fitness Center Turkey Triathlon consists of completing a predetermined distance of running, cycling, and rowing over the span of 22 days. The purpose is to introduce the participant to various modalities of aerobic exercise in a fun and rewarding manner.


Olympic: Run 6.2 miles, Row 0.93 miles, Bike 24.8 miles

Half: Run 13.1 miles, Row 1.3 miles, Bike 56 miles

Ironman: Run 27.2 miles, Row 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles



Registration for the competition will take place at the TCNJ fitness center from November 1st, to November 22nd. Speak to an associate or manager at the front desk to sign up.


  • Competition can be completed over the course of the 22 days. In other words, if the goal is to do the iron man, the running, rowing and biking distances can be divided over the 22 days.
  • Workouts must be completed at the TCNJ Fitness Center. Submissions from other gyms are not permitted.
  • Workouts will be tracked by the fitness center staff. To submit a workout, take a picture of the equipment display and show this image to a worker at the front desk. The image must show how much distance was completed.
  • More than one submission is allowed per day.
  • Cycling can be done on any cycling device (i.e. recumbent bike, upright bike, or interactive bike).
  • Elliptical training can be used to fulfill treadmill distance requirements if the participant has a condition/circumstances that limit high impact exercise.
  • Rowing must be completed at a resistance greater than five.

Tracking Progress


Prizes will be awarded for completing each subsequent category. Prizes will be announced via email promptly. Prize recipients will be contacted upon completion of the competition.

Contact us at with questions at any point of the competition!